Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Some thoughts on God

God stretched

God stretched and in the doing,
released the servant Good;
bright lamp in dark unknowing,
soft smiling as she walked.
And when the light grew brighter still,
banned shadow, welcomed truth
it laid itself in homage low;
God's heart revealed in full.

God laughed and in the smiling
the servant joy was born;
warm hope the way was showing,
close shadow to her tread.
Light-stepped she roamed the centuries,
a timeless, ageless sign
that Joy was our deliverer-
too often left behind.

God's image

The minds are many,
grains of sand,
and yet they make
the whole;
each one exists,
it can be seen
and yet seems
trivial small.
But with each grain,
such image grows
and vision stretching
far, along the coast
of God's great love,
a beauteous beach
is born.
A place to rest,
for every soul,
where hearts can
lie in peace;
a place where God
may pause and leave
an image printed


N.B. I use the term God not  in any religious sense but as an intelligence at work in the world.

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