Saturday, 9 April 2011

The way of words

Words are such inadequate vehicles of expression in many ways, but they are all we have. However, while Words may not always convey what we want them to, they will always convey something ... words have power.  Being aware of the power of words, to hurt or to heal is important.

Energy follows thought and words are thoughts made manifest; a process of creation in this material world as well as the etheric. We don't think enough about the words we use.

Actually, most of the time, we don't think at all about the words we use...they just appear... floated, exploded, directed, displayed, offered, gifted, whispered, murmured, screamed, shouted ... words have their way in our world. 

And every word will, to lesser and greater degrees, have the capacity to create a thought, a feeling, an act in the form of response, and an etheric form. Thoughts expressed powerfully and constantly take on their own life and their own shape even though we may not know it.

Those who are sensitive 'pick up' not just the feelings of others but their thoughts as well. Highly sensitive people who have been traumatised in such a way that their protective energy shield is wounded can pick up so many thoughts and feelings that they become disoriented at best and insane at worst. Bombarded by thoughts, energy forms, feelings and spoken words, can be more than some can bear.

It is important to be aware of not just what you are feeling but what you are thinking and what you are saying because all of this is being shared with everyone around you that you don't know and everyone you love, wherever they are.

The saying, 'what you give out is what you give back' reflects the boomerang nature of thought. Your thoughts are not your own; they belong to everyone because we are all manifestations, or expressions, of the same field of life and what you think, you are, and what you are, is shared. We are all one.

I am sure there is some flexibility in this cosmic consciousness of which we are participator and also creator, otherwise there would be chaos.... all those undisciplined thoughts and feelings would drown each and every one of us. We are equipped with filters so not everything gets in but it exists as part of the cosmic soup all the same.

Becoming aware is the first step to becoming mindful of what we think and what we say and in the doing we learn mastery of Self which makes us conscious co-creators and participators who can choose what we offer to ourselves and to others.

The words are powerful forces and we should use them wisely, carefully and mindfully. There's a reason why religions often taught that the 'name' of God could not be spoken and that is because the ancients recognised the power of words.

The Eighth Lesson on the Spiritual Path is: Words are power, use them well.