Monday, 10 May 2010

The I is one with You

There is a time, there is a day
There is a moment too
When suddenly we realise
The I is one with You!
It always was,
And ever thus
A truth so quietly spoke
And yet we choose
To leave it lie
and hold to fear’s broad yoke.

How easy it is to talk 'spiritual' and how hard it is to live 'spiritual.' It is as if we are programmed to 'forget' in the instant of remembering. No doubt that is why all spiritual teachings emphasise the need for 'mindfullness'; the ability to remain in the Now. There is no 'forgetting' in the now and, for that matter, no 'remembering' because the now simply is.
But is that who and what we are meant to be as human beings? What is the point of being human if we do not have a past and a future as well as a present? It is the nature of this three-fold material world. It is this way because it is meant to be this way.
Perhaps the lesson is to learn to live as much of the Now as one possibly can in order to 'train' the mind for more focussed use and greater creativity. The power of the mind comes into its own with focussed consciousness and yet that focussed consciousness must be sourced in diffuse awareness.
The Yin and the Yang; the masculine and the feminine; the I and the You.