Thursday, 22 May 2014


Why do so many find
change  so hard
and resist beyond
all measure, when
softening, letting go,
releasing, embracing
or just accepting,
can relieve so much pain
and take us further
than we might
ever expect?

Would we rather face
ruin than accept change,
and reject something
new and unknown,
because we fear that
which is not familiar,
and which offers
no illusion of certainty,
to clothe the dark
places which fear so
carefully constructs?

For many the answer
is yes, yes, yes,
until the Fates take
us in hand and no
longer guide us but
drag us, to where
we are meant to be
and where we are
called to be, and
where, the pain of
the strange, unfamiliar
and unknown, will
shape us more clearly,
as the fine-edged
knife of transformation,
is wielded.

If we said yes to
Change, more often
than we said no,
would life be more
of a wonderful
adventure, a journey
through exotic lands,
and places of which
we had never dreamt,
even if sometimes
they are nightmares?

Unless we learn
to say yes, we will
never know.


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  2. The warrior's approach
    is to say "yes" to life:
    "yea" to it all.
    (J.Campbell, "Reflections on the Art of Living")